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Interpretation of Taxation on Services

An Educational Guide with Negative List

- CA Vikash Dhanania

Content of Book

  • Negative list of services
  • Exempted List of Services
  • Declared List of Services
  • Rules of Interpretation
  • Place of Provision Rules
  • Reverse Mechanism Method
  • Valuation Rules
Reverse Charge Mechanism
In general, service tax shall be paid by the person providing the taxable service. But in certain cases, service tax liability is discharged by the pe
Exempted List of Service
Services specified in the exemption notification are also outside the ambit of Service Tax. For ease of reference and simplicity most of the exemption
Point of Taxation Rules 2011
The POT Rules determine the time, when service tax shall be deposited to the exchequer. Non compliance would attract interest and penal consequences i
Declared Services
To avoid any ambiguity and legal disputes about the applicability of service tax on specified activities, 9 (nine) services has been specified as Decl
Negative List of Service
Negative list, basically means that all services, excluding those specified in negative list of services will be subject to service tax. This does not
Place of Provision Rules 2012
The POP Rules determines the taxability of service. Further, it will replace the ‘Export of Services, Rules, 2005’ and ‘Taxation of Services (Provided